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The whole Critical Metrics team were fantastic to work with. Not only are they brilliant at the work they do, they can also relate to our Team Members in the field which goes a long way with us.

A delighted client

As a result of the survey and some other current-state analysis we did at that time, we made some significant changes to our pay model and our total rewards offering this year. I don’t think we would have been able to make the changes without the data the survey provided, so thank you for helping us to get that done!


Helped us through designing and administering a very important survey and in the process helped us better understand the “conjoint survey” concept and process. Would definitely have not been able to complete the survey successfully without their help.

A Management Consulting Firm

This is a great exercise to identify core values, standards, and qualities that you believe are important and representative to your company. It’s a great way to identify alignment, company culture, and employee engagement.

An Apparel Manufacturing Company

Critical Metrics came through and rose above many obstacles we struggled through internally to complete our first ever employee survey. The summary data and insights from comments were invaluable. David and Lauren ushered us through the entire process and really won over the management team with their credibility, directness and genuine desire to help us improve the company and culture.


I’ve had the pleasure of a close partnership with Critical Metrics for more than 10 years. We’ve worked on several projects together. Each time, they’ve provided me with rich insight and thorough analysis – all done within tight time frames. They are truly experts in their field.

George Creppy, Communications Executive

Critical Metrics On Demand is an easy and cost-effective means of designing and administering surveys. It gives us the flexibility we need to meet the survey needs of clients of different sizes and in varied industries. Unlike other survey tools, Critical Metrics On Demand gives us access to great survey resources. We know that if we run into a challenge or have a question, we can contact Critical Metrics and receive expert consulting services and advice.   This separates Critical Metrics from the “standard” web-based survey tools available on the market, and gives our company the best of both worlds– access to knowledgeable resources and an easy-to-use survey tool.

Moira Koch, Senior Manager, Maia Strategy Group

Critical Metrics provides a valuable resource in helping Pagliacci better understand the needs, opinions and feelings of our employees. This allows us to make more informed decisions about how to interpret employee feedback and where to direct employee engagement efforts.

Pagliacci Pizza

Talmetrix collaborates with Critical-Metrics to enhance our software solutions that enable customers to succeed with more engaged talent.

Chris Powell, Talmetrix

David and his team were incredibly responsive, attune to our unique needs and I appreciated their expertise and guidance in conducting our first survey of our generous community. We garnered valuable insights to help affirm some long-held thoughts and give us direction for what we can improve. Great team that I highly recommend!

Kristen Sanders, Sr. Director of Development, Swedish Foundation

Critical Metrics helped us to better understand our donors and their motivation to support the Foundation. Based on the analysis of a well-developed survey, we are able to move forward with strategies to engage and communicate with our donors more effectively.

Tina Solomon, Annual Giving Director, Group Health Foundation

I have worked with Dave and the Critical Metrics team across four different companies over the last decade. They have helped us with team dynamics, coaching, culture and facilitating round table sessions. The work has always been insightful and impactful.

David Vida, LenderLive Network

David and the Critical Metrics team have really helped our Chapter understand the value of gathering feedback from our members. The results from our membership surveys provide clear insight into the health of our chapter and identify how we can better serve member needs. We have also been able to use the survey to educate our members through creative questions. As a fellow entrepreneur, David understands the challenges we face in growing our businesses and brings an innovative, efficient and value-rich approach to Critical Metrics. His recent workshop on leveraging customer feedback to build a customer-centric culture was packed with valuable and informative tips and ideas on how to grow your business by using customer feedback. I would highly recommend using Critical Metrics to help evaluate and promote the health of your own EO chapter as well leverage information to help members grow their businesses.

Matthew Weiss, EO NY President, Entrepreneurs’ Organization – New York Chapter (EO NY)