What We Do

Employee Engagement

The first step in engaging your people is to understand how engaged they are and what you can do to further bolster their engagement. Our research and others have demonstrated that having an engaged workforce has numerous benefits for you as an employer and a business. Engaged employees stay with their employer longer, put in more discretionary effort and tend to have more satisfied and loyal customers.

Crowdsourced Culture

Our proprietary and innovative way to help you measure culture in the voice of your employees. Why do it? Our research demonstrates that companies with aligned cultures experience greater benefits than those with misaligned cultures. Employees are more engaged and stay longer and customers are more loyal and satisfied. At Critical Metrics we can help you measure your culture, determined how aligned employees are to your desired culture and help you assess the impact your culture has on employees, customers and your business.

360 Degree Feedback

Do you need to help your managers and employees gain deeper insights into their behavior and its impact on others? Do you want them to reach their full potential by identifying and working developmental and growth opportunities?

Our cutting edge approach allows you to do so with great flexibility and scalability.

Whether you are looking for a quick-and-easy solution to provide mostly qualitative feedback to your managers and top performers or a robust system that’s based on customized competencies and reports, we have a solution for you.

Our platform allows for autonomy in monitoring and updating participation and participants throughout the process. Our customized, easy-to-interpret reports allow you to provide participants with an quick summary of how one’s self-perceptions compare to their direct reports’, peers’, managers’, and customers’. Main sections of the report reveal strengths, weaknesses, hidden potential and blind spots. Many facets of the report are configurable during the set-up period so that once the feedback is collected, reports can be automatically generated and distributed based on the decision rules we create together. Plus, coupled with our linkage offering, we can help you uncover how this feedback is potentially making an impact on important business outcomes.

Human Capital ROI

In 2012 businesses spent over $100 billion on human capital investments – training, professional development, communication etc. As a senior leader, how do you know if you are getting a return on this investment? As an HR leader, how can you demonstrate the value of your efforts?

Linkage & Custom Analytics

Have a question about your employees, customers or both and not sure how to answer it? We can help. We’ve answered many questions for our clients, such as what drives sales performance, what it means to be a strong leader and what’s driving customer loyalty and satisfaction. We’ll help you assess the data you currently have, identify what data you may need to collect and develop and execute an analytics plan that will get you the insights you need.